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Annual Subscription
One-time Purchase


Item Description Annual Subscription One-time Purchase
User License Additional user license for administrators and supervisors (Exam-level users who are logging in to view their own records, take exams, or enroll in classes do NOT need a user license). $99 $299
Additional Space Additional storage space to upload documents or files to your hosted application annual fee (the first 500 MB is included). Useful if you want to upload very large files, especially videos. $199 -
Co-Branding Your logo added to primary screens $999 $3,999


Option Desktop Cloud Installed
Customizable License (allows you to make modifications to the program to meet your needs) $2,399 - $9,399
Installation Service (we install the software for you) $499 Free $1,499
Import data from version 12 or later (to import from 32-bit to 64-bit please add $200) $399 $599 $499
Support and Updates after the first year (for one-time purchase only; included with subscription) $299 - $1,179
Validation Package (Validation documents in pdf and editable formats) - $4,999 $4,999

Other license configurations are available, including single-interface at a lower cost; please contact us for details.

Your Database license allows you to store one set of data in one database (plus backup or test copies).

All prices are US Dollars and subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply.

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