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Yes. You may install it on a network drive so that it can be accessed by multiple users. With the client edition, you will install the database on a central server, and the user interface on individual workstations.


  • An instance of Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 or better (you may use your existing version or SQL Server® Express which is free from Microsoft®). The database can be installed on the same server as other applications.
  • A web server configured to support .asp pages (for example, IIS which is included with most versions of Windows®).
  • At least 20 MB disk space. Extremely large databases may require up to 100 MB.


  • A standard PC running Windows® 7/8/10.
  • Microsoft® Access® 2010/2013/2016. Workstations may use your existing version of Access® or the run-time version included with the installation files.


  • A standard web browser.
  • Network access.

TRAIN TRACK® Desktop Edition is a standalone file that contains both the user interface and your data tables. It can be installed on your computer or network drive.

TRAIN TRACK® Installed Edition is a back-end database installed on a server. The database can be accessed through the client interface installed on individual workstations, or through the web-based user interface using a web browser.

TRAIN TRACK® Cloud Edition is a back-end database installed on our secure servers. The database can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. You may also install the client interface on individual workstations.

Yes, you may upgrade to a different edition. We will apply your current subscription fees to the new license on a pro-rated basis.

Yes. When you purchase a subscription license, you will be able to enter a code and continue using the Desktop edition trial, or you can automatically import your data into another edition. If you choose the Cloud edition, we will import your data for you at no additional cost.

You always own your data. For the Cloud edition (where the data is stored on our servers), if you descontinue, we will return your data to you upon request. For all editions, your data may be exported from the program at any time.

The desktop edition database can hold up to 2 Gigabytes of data, or about 2 million records. If you are going to have that many records, we recommend that you use the cloud or installed edition.

The basic license is for the database and allows you to have one set of data. You will also need a license for each read/write user. Employees logging on to take exams, enroll in classes, and view documents or view their own status, do NOT need a user license.

The license is for named users. Each person who uses the database will need their own license. It does not matter how many users are accessing the program simultaneously. Employees logging in to view their own status or take exams do not need to have their own license. Administrator, Standard, Limited, Completions-only, and Read-only users do need their own license.

TRAIN TRACK® Customizeable Editions are versions of each edition where the license agreement allows the user to make modifications to the program.

Licenses vary depending on the edition and number of locations and users. For detailed pricing information, see the pricing page or contact us. All prices are US Dollars and subject to change without notice.

You may pay with a credit card by phone or online (using our secure payment gateway or through PayPal®), mail a check, or pay via wire transfer. There are additional fees for wire transfers and foreign checks. If you would like to pay using a Purchase Order, you may fill out our Purchase Order Agreement. If approved, you will be able to submit a Purchase Order for payment.