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Parent/Child Training in Version 12.7 Desktop
Last Updated about a month ago

Q: How do I set it up so that when I mark a specific set of training topics complete, the parent or umbrella training will also be marked complete, or if I mark the parent complete, the children will all be marked complete?

A: First set up the Parent/Child relationship:

1. Open the Training Detail screen and select to show “Requirements > Groups > Children” from the drop-down menus in the middle of the screen.
2. In the lower section, enter the title and number for each child training under the selected parent.
3. To the right, indicate the number of children required in order for the parent to be complete.

To Mark Individual Children Complete:

You may mark children complete individually, and when the required number of children are complete, the parent will also be marked complete.

1. Select each Child title.
2. At the bottom of the screen, select each employee and enter the completion date. When the required number of children have been completed, the parent will be complete.

To Mark All Children Complete at Once:

1. Click the button "Mark All Children Complete".
2. A pop-up box will open. Check the box next to each employee to mark complete (Or you may select a job title or department and click "check" to check all members of that group).
3. Enter the completion date, and click “Add”

Return to the Training Detail screen, and select each child title. The completed employees should appear below.

Note: This feature was updated for version 12.7.3. Parent/child in versions 12.4 and earlier worked differently.

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