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The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) outlines conformance requirements which Learning Management Systems (LMS), Sharable Content Objects (SCO), and/or Content Packages must adhere to in order to be recognized as SCORM Conformant. TRAIN TRACK® could be incorporated into a larger eLearning management system which could deliver data directly into the database tables. In this case, SCORM conformance tests would be conducted on the system as a whole, and the application would only be considered conformant if all components functioned according to the specified requirements.

However, TRAIN TRACK®, does not require that you use only SCORM-compliant content. TRAIN TRACK® includes integrated functions for allowing a user to view an external file, document, video, or presentation, and take an exam based on the content. When the user signs the exam with an electronic signature, the exam is automatically scored and recorded to the database. TRAIN TRACK® can track training completion for any type of content.

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