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Email Reports not formatted for A4 Paper
Last Updated a year ago

Q: When I send email reports, in .pdf format, the edge is cut off and appears on the next page.

A: If you generally use A4 paper, the email notices may not be formatted correctly. A work-around for this is to set your .pdf properties to use letter size paper.

1. Go to Printer Settings.
2. Select "Microsoft Print to PDF" and click "Manage".
3. Select "Printer Properties > Preferences > Advanced".
4. Next to "Paper Size" select "Letter".
5. Click "OK" on each open screen.

The emailed pdf reports should now be formatted correctly for your screen. A feature request has been submitted to select to format the email reports for A4 paper in a future release.

Tags: pdf reports cutting off, format email reports, pdf report formatting.

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