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Delete all Data
Last Updated a year ago

Q: How can I delete all the data in my database and start over?

A: The easiest way to delete all of the records in your database would be to delete it from the SQL Server back-end database. You will need someone who has access to SQL Management Studio. Please follow these steps:

1. Open SQL Management Studio and locate your TRAINTRACK database in the tree at the left.
2. Click on the + to expand the database, then click on the + next to “Tables” to expand the tables.
3. Locate the table “tblCerts” (training records). Right-click and select “Edit top xxxx rows”.
4. A data table will open. Highlight and delete the rows you want removed.
5. Follow the same steps for “tblStaff” (employee records), “tblRqd” (requirements) and “tblRegister” (completions). Do not delete data from any of the other tables.

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