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Add New User - Client version 10 or earlier
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Q: How do I add new users to the Client interface?

A: To add your new licensed user(s) using the desktop interface, please follow these steps:

Set permissions for the new users in SQL Management Studio

If you already have a Windows user group with permission for TRAIN TRACK, simply add the user to the user group.

If you do not have a user group and wish to add the individual user, please follow these steps:

1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
2. In the navigation pane on the left, locate and expand the Security folder.
3. Under "Security", right-click on "Logins" and in the pop-up box select "New Login".
4. In the pop-up widow, under the "General" tab, select "Windows Authentication" and click "Search".
5. In the next pop-up window, click "Advanced". In the next pop-up window, click "Find Now".
6. Select your TRAIN TRACK user group or individual user name and click "OK" and "OK" again.
7. From the main pop-up window, select the "User Mapping" tab. Select the TRAIN TRACK database at the top, and in the bottom section, check "datareader" and "datawriter". Leave "public" checked.
8. Click "OK".

Add your new users to the TRAIN TRACK desktop interface

1. Launch TRAIN TRACK. From the "Start Menu", select the "DATABASE" tab and click “Enter Registration Code”.
2. Enter your new registration code and click “Save” (you will need to Tab between each box).
3. From the "Start Menu", select the "SETUP" tab and click “Edit Users”.
4. Under “Login Name”, enter the Windows login name of each new licensed user.
5. Select the corresponding employee name (if already entered as an employee in the database).
6. Select the appropriate access level for the desktop interface (Administrator, Standard, Completions or Read-Only). If the user will also be using the web interface, select the appropriate web access level and enter a temporary password (users will be prompted to choose a new password at first login).
7. Click "Save and Close".

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