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Feature I Need is Not Found
Last Updated a year ago

Q: A feature I need is not found in the program. What can I do?

A: If a feature you need is not currently included in TRAIN TRACK, you have three options:

1. Feature Request: You may submit a feature request, and if the feature is something that may be useful to other users, we will add it to the list for possible inclusion in a future release. Requests are prioritized by the number of users making the request and other factors.

2. Customization: If you can write up a bullet-point list of exactly what you need, we can give you a quote for customization with no obligation. Please include as many details as you can. For example, if you want a new field added to a screen, do you also want it included on any reports? If you want a new report, do you want to be able to select a date range or other criteria for the report?

3. Customizable License: If you would like to be able to make changes to TRAIN TRACK yourself, we offer a customizable license which allows you to make changes to the program code. Some restrictions apply, see the license agreement for details.

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