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New in version 12 Web
Last Updated a year ago

Version 12 has been released! This latest version has many new features and improvements. You may be eligible for a free update if your subscription or support contract is current.

Highlights of New features in the Web edition:

Training and Employee Records

- Upload a file or document associated with each training for employees to view.
- Restore deleted training or employee records.
- Set training to expire in a specified number of days or months.
- Grace period and "due by" date.
- Job title history is stored whenever job titles change.
- Import new revisions.
- Segregate records by location.
- More fields on the training list, employee list, user list and training completion screens.

- View completed exam questions and answers.
- Exam users see their score and pass/fail after they take an exam.
- Exam users can cancel their enrollment in a class.
- Easier to enter and edit exam questions and answers.

- User names are automatically added when employee records are added.
- Search users by any part of the user name, first name, or last name.
- Inactive employees are locked out.
- Faster login, with no confirmation screen.

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