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New in Version 12 Desktop
Last Updated a year ago

Version 12 has been released! This latest version has many new features and improvements. You may be eligible for a free update if your subscription or support contract is current.

New Features in the Desktop Interface include:

Training Records

  • Sort by training title or training number on all screens and reports.
  • Expire training in days or months.
  • "Due By" date and grace period before employees need to complete each training.
  • Each training must have a unique ID number. If you don't have one, the program will assign one.
  • Separate records by location. Include training that is only required for a specific location, and limit users to only view one location (a location license is required to limit users to only one location.).*
  • Completion date validation does not allow future dates to be entered.
  • Updated Parent/Child function for better performance.*
  • Select which screen shows by default for the training detail screen.
  • Exams are available online 30 days before the training expires.
  • Job Title History is recorded any time job titles change.*
  • See a list of subordinates under each employee from the employee detail screen.*
  • See if each required training is required for their job title, department, or individually.
  • See if an employee has completed required training for any job title.*
  • Each employee must have a unique ID number. If you don't have one, the program will assign one.
  • Select which screen shows by default for the employee detail screen.

  • Revert to a previous revision number, and more control over editing revisions.
  • Revisions may be imported from Excel®.
  • When you edit the revision, the release date is automatically updated.
  • If you don't require re-training for the next revision, but you do for a later revision, all previous revision completions will be expired.
  • When entering completions, you may only select from existing revisions.

  • Schedule multi-day classes.*
  • When you schedule a class and add the start time, the end time is automatically calculated.
  • When you add a completion for an employee that was enrolled in a class for that date, the class is automatically marked as completed.
  • View classes scheduled and classes completed in separate windows.
  • When enrolling employees as a group, enrollment is limited by room capacity.
  • Enter completions by scanning in barcodes from sign-in sheets or employee badges.

  • Now you may import new revisions and automatically update the training record and indicate if re-training is required.
  • Displays the imported records for confirmation.
  • When importing training records, the records are matched by training number. If you don't have numbers, they will be retrieved from the database, or assigned.
  • When importing employee records, the records are matched by ID number. If you don't have ID numbers, they will be retrieved from the database, or assigned.
  • Added filters screen out data with errors.
  • Import a new supervisor at the same time as a new employee, and the supervisor will be populated to the employee record.
Automatic Email

  • Automatically send notices to employees, supervisors, and/or a list of recipients for:
    • Training due within a specified number of days. Repeat notices after a specified interval if not completed.
    • Training scheduled
    • Reminder of training scheduled within a specified number of days
    • Monthly notices of training due the next 31 days sent on a specified day each month

  • Print reports for Letter or A4 size paper.
  • Filter reports by topic, or only show favorites on the report menu.
  • Logos now configured centrally to show on all reports.
  • Requirement source reports now list the specific source.
  • Report filter now includes "Is Null", "Is Not Null", and "Not Equal to" as filtering options for any field.
  • New Reports:
    • Class Attendance by Date
    • Completed by Department Average Hours
    • Due by Supervisor
    • Employee Job Titles
    • Employee Roster by Department
    • Employee Roster of Inactive Employees
    • Exceptions by Employee
    • Exceptions by Training
    • Job Titles and Employees
    • Job Title History
    • Job Title History by Employee
    • Required Training by Employee with Source
    • Requirements for Each Employee by Source
    • Status by Requirement Source
    • Status by Supervisor

  • Users associated with inactive employees are locked out.
  • Passwords must be 8 characters, and can't be re-used.
  • Assign users to a specific location or all locations (an additional location license is required for each location assigned).*
  • Easily search the list of users.
  • "Add-as-a-group" data is now stored locally to avoid crossing data in a shared environment.

  • Section 508 Compliance: Controls have been designed for use with a screen reader.
  • Primary screens are locked from editing by default to prevent accidental editing. Easily switch to edit mode when you need to edit.
  • More search options.
  • More data entry validation to avoid errors, null records, or duplicate data.
  • Prevents you from entering duplicate items for department, job title, shift, class location, employee type, training type, or user lists.
  • You can choose a DSN-less connection, or the traditional connection to your back-end database. The DSN-less connection offers better performance and easier setup, and eliminates the need to have a full version of Access®.*
  • The new dashboard screen provides information at a glance.
  • An MS Office®-style Ribbon has been added for convenience.
  • Null values are not allowed in identifying fields (such as Last Name, Training Name, lookup list entries, etc.).
  • An "x" is available for all record deletions.
  • Receive a warning that identifies the specific record you are about to delete before deleting it, to avoid deleting the wrong record.
*Only available in the Client edition (not the Desktop edition).

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