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Email Not Sending
Last Updated a year ago

Q: Automatic email notices are not being sent. What is wrong?

A: Here are some options to try:

  1. You may need to check with your internet service provider (ISP) for which port to use. Some providers also block outgoing mail routed through an outside server, so you may need to use their SMTP server.
  2. Please check and un-check the "SSL" box in your mail configuration screen. If this field is set to NULL instead of yes or no, it will prevent the email from being sent.
  3. If your mail server does not require authentication, you will still need to enter an email address and password in the mail configuration screen. These values will not be used, but if they are null, this will cause the automatic email to fail.
  4. If you have any special characters in your employee ID numbers, this will prevent the automatic email from being sent using the desktop interface. You will need to change the ID numbers that you have stored in the program. Characters you may not use include /, \, ., &, @, #, !. You may not use a space. You may use a dash or underscore.
  5. The record in tblMailServer must have record ID #1. If your record has a different ID number, please contact us for a script to correct this.
  6. The desktop/client interface needs to be open for at least 6 minutes to trigger the email notices to be sent.
  7. Try a Wireshark trace.

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