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Create a sign-in sheet sorted by shift and job title
Last Updated a year ago

Q: I want to create a sign in sheet that will sort by shift and title. How can I do this?

A: If you want the sign-in sheet for all employees, follow these steps:

1. Go to the employee list screen. Move the shift column to the left, followed by the job title column, then the names.
2. Highlight all 4 columns, and from the menu bar, select “A-Z”.
3. Highlight the columns and click Ctrl+C (copy).
4. Open Excel. Select a cell and click Ctrl+V (paste).

You now have a list of employees sorted by shift and job title in an Excel sheet, where you may add columns or format as needed.

If you want the sheet for only one shift, then follow the same steps, but only highlight the one shift before you copy.

Tags: Print a list of employees sorted by shift, print a sorted list of employees, create a report.

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