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Completions from Multiple Years
Last Updated a year ago

Q: I have a training that has to be completed once a year. When I enter a new completion, the old date gets replaced with the new one, but I need to see the records from all of the years the training was completed.

A: When you enter a new training completion, it gets added as a new record, and does not replace the previous record (the only way it would replace the previous record is if you just edited the existing completion instead of adding a new one. We do not recommend doing this). If you are looking at the Status screen or report, then it will only display the most current completion. To see all completions, you will need to go to the "History" or "All Records" screen, or the "History" report. In the desktop interface, you may also use the "Completed" reports to see multiple completions.

Tags: Recertification, multiple completions, multiple records, multiple completion records, yearly training, completion records.

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